Alright, everyone gather around. Story time niggas


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Alright, I’m an African American attending a catholic university. Making my to the court side cafe (first floor of physical education center) because I need some snacks. An acquaintance which is a female of African American descent, and she started to introduce me to her friends. First off, every time I see a black woman, I always get slightly turned off:
  1. What the actual fuck is all that cosmetics for (I know, because my father has a old psychology book that said women putting makeup is a defense mechanism)
  2. And of course why do over half of them is always loud, I have Aspergers (which causes permanently increased neural sensitivities) but even if I didn’t acquired such a condition I would still be annoyed
  3. They always hang out in groups, so yeah fuck me because it’s already over right there
point number three is very important in this scenario because me with my already altered mindset from light strokes from the blackpill, I have already spotted on that they already have bird’s eye view to observe the other black men who are practicing for basketball at the time (Tyrone who plays sports in short). When I was trying to look where I left my book being all confused while my earphones was on, I was able to catch a line said from one of her friends, and I quote ‘-he looks like he is an actor for a movie’. Ah the power of Aspergers told me the smart thing to do is to set my stuff near them and go on a walk for a bit and analyzed what just occurred, and my conclusion is to GET THE FUCK OUT. So I retrieved the item I was lost, went back to the first floor and grabbed my stuff and up and left

Moral of the Story: some black women if not most can be cold yet lack substance at the same time once they are modernized in both realms of politics and social conformity. Honestly go to traditional or foreign communities where they preserve women to be more considerably tolerable.


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Western women are useless, the only way one can ascend is by importing from the third world, but that doesn't last long unless you live out in the middle of nowhere.