All the "different" guys women are attracted to look like they could be brothers


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If you browse Subs like ladyboners you will see lots of men who have at least 3-4 Features which look always equal

White (sometimes also latino, rarely a black man)


Hunter eyes

high or at least prominent-defined cheekbones

Wide or at least squarish, angular jaw

Harmonious nose

Full hairline

Compact midface or at least decent FWHR

The only real difference you see is hair, eye color between most guys, their facial dimorphism is almost always identical

JFL at believing that "women are all individual beings with individual tastes" bullcrap


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lordoftheincels said:
All women want chad.

The invidual tastes are when it comes to subChads and below.
Where I am, even with the Subchads and below, women like the same types of men. Anybody who falls outside of the two or three types is finished.


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Hehe, ever WONDER, maybe all these "chads" are almost like CLONES? Or share their genetic traits from the same original sources from centuries ago? Makes ya wonder..


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It's written in their genetic coding to want chads with Chad features. All those described physical traits hint at genetic superiority. This further proves that personality is not important.


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Depends. Nigger Chads, Arab Chads and White Chads look quite different from each other.


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tremor said:
bcroger2 said:
Depends. Nigger Chads, Arab Chads and White Chads look quite different from each other.
Face over race, but I'd argue white Chad always wins.
Agree, but I see many nigger and Arab Chads with attractive bitches.


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