All men are "incels" even chads


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Chads are incels. They resent women just as much as incels do. They see how superficial the world is. Of course it's just a better position to be in.
The existential despair is there no matter what though.


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Chads are not incels. When I said its over for chad, I mean he will be rejected by 8 out of 9 girls for being a male. So chad is allowed to have masculine sexual lust 1/9th of the time, 8/9ths of the time has to be a beta cuck and personality max (as well as photoshop max).


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If you think incel is about personality or le toxic mindset, you should run autopsy game to check that you do have a brain.
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I respectfully disagree OP. Chads are out partying and getting laid. They don't spend their lives in isolation and mental illness like i do. And they don't spend all their free time online like most incels.