Advice to a new incel


EteRnal Evil.
The 1st and foremost thing to do is to make sure you really are an incel.

Be honest to yourself and evaluate how hard and for how long you've been trying to solve the problem and how far have you gone below your looksmatch, if you ever did.
If you've been doing a lot, for a prolonged period of time and tried going below looksmatch, then your issues are most likely legit. If not, try more, unless you are prematurely aged (with noticeable, unfraudable wrinkles,balding or whatever, it isn't rare among subhumans such as ourselves in 20s)

Then, assuming you aren't a volcel and have been trying hard to ascend, are 3 most prevalent stages of inceldom (things in between are, for some unknown reason, rare):
1.KHHV - kissless, hugless, handholdless virgin
2.KV - kissless virgin
If you're on the third stage at 22, it isn't necessarily over and it may make sense to prolong trying until like 25 or so. There will be many single mothers and other undateable scum after that age and only Chad gets away with dating younger girls in 2019. If you're on the 1st or the 2nd stage, it's probably over.

To be frank, IDGAF about your life story and it's up to you to decide what is high-effort and how much time is long, but usually people here really are trying and failing for years and not fitting in might bring your stay here to an end.

As for your question, you just need to find a cope that suits you. In terms of attitudes, stop believing you can control your life and entire cosmos. If you're doing your best and still getting no result, it's reasonable to quit making effort, seeing that result is the same, zero. It's an economic thing to do.


Incels.Net Master
You can give up trying to date women, but never ever ever give up trying to get rich. We need incels to have more social say, and its much easier if rich.