Advice For Whitecells


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I am a 5'4 21 year old Asian living in Australia, my ancestors are from a pure Mongolian bloodline. As an Asian man who is average in looks I am continuously shocked both by two things, first being that Genghis Khan, an Asian was somehow the biggest chad ever and simultaneously by the fact that white incels exist. It is common knowledge within the Asian community that our women will always go for some white guy over even the most handsome Asian. My theory on why this is is that the areas with the most amount of mosquitoes coincidentally happens to be the areas with large Asian populations and many of the deadly diereses spread by mosquitoes cause jaundice and discolored skin. This obviously creates a selection factor against people with higher levels of melanin in their skin tone making Asian women more attracted to pale white men. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN AN ASIAN WOMEN WITH A BLACK MAN, NO.
My advice for whitecells that want to leave inceldom is to visit rural Asian communities, I have seen many occasions were ugly socially awkward guys are fawned over by 6's or even 7's in my community alone. Do any whitecells have any advice for a fellow incel in need in return?


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Thanks for pointing this out. Overwhelmingly, white men are preferred by just about every race. It's even seeped into the black community now.


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Ghengis Khan wasn't a Chad, he was an ER type who happened to have an army.

The Khan of Star Trek was a Chad.

Real life Khan:

Star Trek Khan:

I don't think the star trek khan was even supposed to be the same person or nationality as ghengis khan


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GenghisKahncell said:
Wow, I had no idea that black incels have similar problems, I guess cause all the media focuses on interracial marriages and ѕhit.
The fucking weird thing is that I used to be told I "acted too white" (basically just meant I was well rounded and didn't only like stereotypical black shit) by black girls and then they'd turn around and date the whitest white men they could find.

And it's not like they could call me a traitor to my own race. I was always the one sticking up for my own people.