Added value in Home Ownership


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I'm wondering how many guys in this group own their own home.
I heard one of coworkers mentioning her boyfriend owns the home she lives in. She doesn't pay rent, but buys groceries. I'm curious to know what he looks like, but I would be shocked if he's not a sub-7.

Maybe I'm naive, but I really believe if I had owned my own home I would have had a girlfriend. Somebody would have been willing to spread their legs for a break on rent. I don't think it would have happened in my 20's unless I met one of those 16 year old girls that just got kicked out of her parent's home. Maybe, but girls in their teens have no shortage of takers. But mid-30's there would have been someone. She wouldn't have posted pictures of 'us' on social media and may not have stayed any longer than she needed to to get back on her feet. But i still believe I had a shot.