Actual High IQ Thread


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Women are evil, do not trust.

I've orbited and approached hundreds of girls all to no avail. Women use you as an emotional tampon and then reject you when they are done with you and blame you for it. Simple as...


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ive only orbited 100 times and got rejected 100 times. I googled what kind of human being ghosts for no reason, they said only narcissists ghost for no reason. Then i googled further it said narcissists were posessed by demons. I don think they are legit posessed by demons though I think they are actually computer code of the matrix. the universe programs them to reject us that is why their behavoir seems consistently inconsistent. Perhaps the universe wants us to be incels because to fight the feminism. Feminism may be the final filter of earth. FYI I only hate 4th wave feminism i have no beef with 1st wave feminist. MLP is second wave and black pilled and based
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