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Well, this is the way it is. Even though it’s not the person I wanna be, everything’s the way it is for a reason I guess. Why chase something you’re just not meant to have? I’ve been blind all these years I need to start chasing the things that ACTUALLY matter. You know, things that will actually help me succeed in life. Not even angry anymore, just numb to it all. Now I’m not gonna lie, I still have my moments but they aren’t anywhere as bad as they used to be. Now, moving forward...

You guys could probably fucking care less about this, but I just needed to get it off my chest.


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Acceptance of your status is an IMPORTANT step, trust me.. It allows you to move on mentally and finally go after things that you want OTHER then women... And therefore able to discover moments of JOY you might never have had wasting all your time, money and energy pursuing women that want nothing to do with you in the first place!! I for one APPLAUD your acceptance of who you are... Now look for things you can actually ENJOY doing by yourself..


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This is a good thing. You can escape this downward spiral of self hate and loathing. Sex is nothing, NOTHING. If you want to have sex get an escort. Don't blame ANYONE for your condition, as there is none to blame. No one hates you for your apperance, and if they do they can go fuck themselves. However, I can reccomend this, and that is to take the steps to happiness outside of sex. Workout, go to therapy, go out and do what you want and screw others who drag you down. Talk to your close ones more and truly find what your internal problems are and eliminate them one by one. There is no one else to fix your problems but yourself and YOU HAVE THE STRENGTH TO THAT... acceptance is the final stage of grief, but it can still only be the start of recovery.