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This is one of the sickest theories I have made so far, I am really proud of it. It kind of unravels the "mysteries" behind some behaviors.

Basically, I was a hot girl in a videogame, when I say hot I don't just mean pretty, but, unbelievably hot, I'm talking top 10 in the universe kind of hot. And I'm like geez what is it really like to be this hot, and thing "bing" a Eureka moment just hit me, like an Enlightenment, everything became totally clear.

Basically, most hot women want to fuck themselves, but can't, so their pussy is like a gaping mouth for cocks, they want the strongest hardest cocks like chads. It's sort of like a globe mind, where their body is like a spatial sense, their body is mentally 3d so it's a big part of their own equation, that is why women are less into visual porn and more into sensuality, sex for women is like First Person IMAX and sex for males is like, the male's mind does not perceive its own body actually. There is no rationality that goes into their behavior, only thirstiness, the need for strong hard cocks, doesn't matter who's as long as they aren't ugly, and they want someone who is mentally dominant not passive. So their sexual encounters aren't ever motivated by loyalty or love, but rather, simply the need to be fucked. Eventually they will get tired of the vanity and move on to beta males or rich beta males for love, but the beta males will usually never satisfy their sexual cravings and they will go back to chad's, pumping and dumping the chad's but just using chad's as objects, never actually loving or being loyal to a chad.

Also, they have a desire to fuck themselves but never can, over time this manifests as resentment towards males, because no matter how hard they try they will never have a dick, never know what its like to have a dick, and deep down they always know they must submit in order to experience pleasure, that they can only live out their sexual fantasies in a submissive and vicarious manner, eventually this causes a psychosis where they are jealous and wish they were male, they begin to hate males for getting to fuck them, but deep down they know it would suck to be male and that females truly get all the pleasure and sexual privilege, this causes a double psychosis where they are both proud and ashamed of their hypocrisy, simultaneously being envious of the masculine, yet proud of the feminine, causing them to behave in even more erratic and contradictory ways.

Also, this theory only applies to feminine and moderately hot girls, fuglies do not have autogynephilia, fugly girl's dating habits are usually motivated by love not thirstiness, its easier for beta's to date fuglies but hard for alphas who want sex in the equation.


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Also hardcore modern women, like feminists, their autogynephilia makes them feel ashamed so they bury it, these are the type of women who act masculine and get irrationally angry when you ask them on a date. Regular women will just quietly reject you or be fickle and make up an excuse like a boyfriend, usually a chad, most of the time they won't get irrationally angry and threatening like feminists. Still sucks but not nearly as toxic. My dad told me Russian women are proud of it and pushing against feminism and that they want to be objectified again, they aren't ashamed of lust like the insane americans.


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I think that this is the worst thing I've read ever, and I've read many bad things. We're not interested in a bunch of "dicks", in fact, I'd rather just be with my girlfriend.