A sad sack of shit (english isnt my first language if the wording confuses you)


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Hello fellow anonymous Virgins

I´m a 20 year old depressed guy with an impulsive Personality disorder (i dont know the exact wording for this in english, it just means that im prone to extreme moodswings, i got this diagnosed by a bunch of professionals at the local mental health clinic) and just an envious, destructive character in general. Im also like most of you people not really that easy on the eyes, although everything considered i think this is the least of my problems. Ive been a weird kid and a relative social outcast for all my life, but the mental problems got really apparent when i hit puberty at age 13, shortly after i witnessed a suіcіde in our class. This continued to slowly ruin my academic career, i turned to heavy psychedelic drug use (mainly LSD) and after endless tries i eventually quit school when i was 19 years old, now i work as a trainee in construction. I dont have to tell you that regarding girls im a fuckup too, for various reasons be it drug use (ive been clean-ish since january 2019 though, just smoke weed and hashish on the weekends now), being socially maladjusted or because im a skinny guy with a weird face (gigantic head, binocular distance is too big, my nose has a bent to it, big forehead, no strong jawline et.c.).I tried partying, but i allways get so intoxicated that i dont wanna flirt anymore and tinder which has been a horrible experience, the only women that will actually talk to me and not like me because they wanna inflate their matches are very ugly ones or kids.
Long story short my life is a mess just as my brain is and these days its only getting worse and worse, just lost a good friend yesterday, who doesnt wanna talk to me anymore because of my frequent depressed episodes and because im an asshole, i understand him, and hit a new low with my parents. The lack of pussy also fucks with me (lol) mentally more and more since i am surrounded by construction workers and that is all they talk about, also like every man i tie my self worth to how many women i got and 0 isnt that good of a number. My moodswings get worse each day and im contemplating suіcіde more seriously each day, since i tried getting professional help, but was dissapointed to say the least and also that wont change me inside or appearance wise.


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Re: A sad sack of ѕhit (english isnt my first language if the wording confuses you)

If it makes you feel better, 30% of american males under age 34 are incel nowadays.

Despite the construction-worker blue-collar lumberjack narrative, you aren't in this alone.


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Re: A sad sack of ѕhit (english isnt my first language if the wording confuses you)

I don’t know if you’ve already tried this, but maybe go to therapy and find coping mechanisms for your mood swings or maybe get on some medication so it’ll be easier to socialize. See if there are any AA groups nearby and you could possibly meet people with similar issues to you to help you