A quick explanation of O.C.D for those who have it.


Obsessive = These are the "WHAT IF's" that go through our minds, and they're based on fear. One example would be "WHAT IF i didn't shut the sink off all the way after i washed my hands?"...Another example would be "WHAT IF i didn't get the door closed all the way the first time?"

Compulsive = These are the actions we take to reassure ourselves in order to shut off the "WHAT IF's" going through our mind. We go back and shut the sink off repeatedly to make absolute sure that the sink is turned off. Or we go back and close the door several times, to make absolute sure that it is indeed shut.

Disorder = In our minds we think we're creating order, but it's actually the exact opposite...it's disorder, because it ends up destroying our lives. Thus it's a DISORDER, not order.

The inappropriate fears (obsessions) come from high levels of anxiety. The actions we take (compulsions) to shut off the inappropriate fears, create the disorder. Does that make sense? I hope it does.

The cure for O.C.D is having the ability to send signals to the brain that it's OKAY to shut off the WHAT IF fears without taking compulsive action. It's easier said than done however. If your O.C.D is rooted as deep in the brain as mine is, it's extremely difficult. I keep trying to send signals to my brain that it's OKAY to turn off the "WHAT IF" fears, and not take compulsive action. I'm experimenting with it, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.



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damn i realised right now i might have this. it feels like youre always cockblocking yourselv / fucking everything up you worked for.


There are so many people that say they have it, while they don't realize the true agony these people go through.
Yeah real O.C.D can make someone feel like throwing themselves off a building, it's hell.