A more realistic dream.


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Next dream I had, there was a famous girl, who I was in love with, due to both looks and personality. She was a Noble and not like the other girls, I could sense true goodness and compassion in her heart.

In the dream, I was at one of my old rich, elitist schools of RL. And they were serving lunch. The lunch wasn't up to my organic standards, just like RL. And the girl I loved was there, in her usual uniform of sexy glory. Next thing you know a chubby black lesbian (not a bulldyke, but a cute lesbian) hugged her from behind. The girl I loved did not resist. Next thing you know, her hands slowly moved up to touch the girl I loved's breasts. The girl I loved giggled and said "I'm not a lesbian." But then her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she closed her eyes and I could see drool coming out her lips. I had a major hard-on at this point in time, which I was trying to hide by putting one of my school books in front of my dick. Next thing you know, the black lesbian is putting her hands on the girl I loved's crotch and pussy. For a brief moment, the girl I loved tried to resist, but caved and her eyes rolled to the back of her head in ecstasy. I felt a psychic, empathic connection as if I could feel the pleasure of it myself. Yet still I was a nobody, not able to experience the direct joy of sex, had to look at it as a pornography, an outcast, not allowed to join in.

The girl I loved was so kind and nice that she invited me to a club party later that day. I had false hope thinking it was a date. But when I got there, I asked her if she wanted to date me. She said no, but that I was a fun friend then I saw her holding hands with her boyfriend. Same old story as always.

Later that night her boyfriend and her got into a huge argument and she dumped him because he was treating her rotten. So I made my move and said does she want to date me now? She gave me the speech of "No I'm emotionally unstable from this breakup, I am going to need some alone time to heal" bullshit speech. Even as nice as she was, and didn't want to hurt my feelings, you cannot fool genetic attraction of the hippocampus. Only way to win is be a lesbian or chad. Average joes can't win unless 50k income or more.

Then next day the abusive chad walks up to me and tells me "She told me you are creepy and doesn't want you to talk to her anymore." I nod my head sheepishly and pretend to be a fake-beta to hide my contempt for him. Then I run into her and she is very friendly to me. I told her about what Chad said to me. She says she never told him any such thing. I think toxic-alpha-male-chad made it up because he was bitter. But I'm sick of being told I'm worthless and creepy for not being Chad. I'm shy and have mild autism so deal with it. Sorry I don't spam memes on my phone all day, sorry I keep to myself and am shy and quiet, sorry if not listening to rap music makes me "creepy". The only people who use the word "creepy" unironically are pathetic weaklings and emasculated children who probably hallucinate imaginary things.