A hambeast I went to school with is going to run for the city council.


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The municipal elections will take place later this year. She's obese. Women who can't even control their own weight are always the most vocal about politics. I wonder what kind of contribution a landwhale can give to the community. It'll most likely be none. No wonder we have very little progress. Decades go by and we see no positive changes. The reason for that is simple: modern politics is saturated with incompetent individuals who want to sponge off the system. Women are experts at this kind of behaviour. A landwhale can run for the city council, get elected, and she'll have access to easy money for a minimum of four years ( this is how it works in my country). In a place with so much misery, it's ironic that we have fat wh*res abusing the system. Since we can't ban women from politics, we should at least be able to ban the fat ones. Clown world, indeed.


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Do you have a picture?

I want to see how big she is. One of my friend's classmates was so big. Her sister was huge too and died in her teens of a heart attack.