A grotesque foid invited me to her house...


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A foid that I have known for years had been texting me more often recently, I thought she might have wanted an orbiter just for the COVID lock down. I didn't act strangely or anything and just texted her back normally. She told me her normie boyfriend has been cheating on her with a better looking foid. I didn't feel bad for her because she's fucking dumb, ugly and spends most of her time intoxicated so I don't know how she got a boyfriend to begin with. She told me has been crying loads and she really needs the company. I think she's using me because her boyfriend doesn't want her anymore and her friends don't spend time with her anymore. She told me she needs company and she wants me to come over to her house. I started to think that maybe she is my looksmatch and I should try and ascend. I'm scared that if I go there it will be a waste of time.

Should I take this chance to ascend?

TL;DR - An ugly foid broke up with her boyfriend and asked me to come over to the house, should I use this chance to try and ascend?


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It's your choice tbh, but I'd personally do it. I'd accept anything, really.


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May as well just go for it. I was close to having sex with a foid that made the effort to travel to meet me last year but she got turned off by my autism in a few minutes while we were hanging out.
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