A Formal Apology


I would like to apologize for calling myself a femcel, as I now realize that, while going by definition it is true, that it is not the case given what the average person here believes an Incel should be. I am sorry if I offended any of you. Please accept my humblest apology.


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Incel = involuntary celibate
Volcel = voluntary celibate
Femcel = female celibate

The term "femcel" doesn't specify whether it's involuntary or voluntary, it just says that she's female and celibate, so if you're not getting any dick, in my view, it makes you femcel.

There's a lot of ambiguity in the terms; e.g. is a "shortcel" an celibate person who happens to be short, or a man who's incel BECAUSE he's short? Same deal with neetcels, etc. Some neetcels might have become neet because they decided, "Fuck being a wagie if I can't get pusѕy"; others are incel because of their neetdom.


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Didn't like the arrogance from the moment she typed her first message. If you act like a piece of ѕhit, prepare to be treated like one.
I agree it's kinda arrogant on her part to think she has the right to slam her legs shut to supreme gentlemen such as me
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