A female that has went to prison and has a chad bf


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There is this youtuber called Jessica Kent (cunt) who makes videos of how she has experienced prison as a female because she had some drug addiction then she went to jail for it so she makes videos of how she dated a Chad drug dealer, some feminist bullshit talk (mostly prison involved) like there is one video of how prison mistreats women, response to her hate letter, some lesbian shit she discussed about the prison, her insensitivty because she apparently is diagnosed with ASPD. The reason why im talking about this is clearly she is another insensitive fucking foid who acts like just because she got out of prison now she can just start talking all that shit, i won't link the videos but u can see them for yourself if u just search up her shitty channel but if u want to discuss and vent then go ahead because this is something new i guess so let me hear your opinion of what u think. She is basically like a female version of Jeremy Meeks since yea she was in prison. Oh and here is the thing she was a drug addict but yet u have male drug addicts who die everyday and nobody gives fuck about them as well as they get made fun off more, are homeless, they don't get any better yet this fucking foid has a fucking normal family life including her bf chad who is a drug dealer ofc as u expect (she was as well a drug dealer so it makes more sense to why she is a sociopathic whore) then comes on youtube crying boohooo insensitive bitch.
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Yep. I see drug addict bitches running to drug dealers all the time back in the day. Co-Dependent relationships never work out at the end, so their Chad boyfriend with Sociopathy and Narcissism Personality Disorder will always beat the shit out of them. The chads don't respect them because they are whiny, clingy BITCHES! I witnessed it dozens of times. The drug dealer boyfriends don't give a shit about their gold diggin' toilets.