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Congratulations! 3000 posts.

I want to personally thank lordoftheincels, Nostalgicel, tremor for keeping us troll-free.


EteRnal Evil.

Tbh, trolls who come here are extremely aggravating. I mean, couldn't they kind of make more effort or something. They're way too uniform and predictable. Every time I think it's some sort of SJW troll factory budget-cut.
the actual reason is probably that they don't see how many le edgy attempts of trolling have been deleted. Why come up with sophisticated ideas if you're first. Btw they show how childish and naive they are by assuming they actually are some sort of explorers and white knight conquerors of new lands for m'lady.


EteRnal Evil.
Forceful necrobump on how quiet this site used to be compared to now. 3000 posts from Nov 2017 to Feb 2019 and 200k+ posts from Feb 2019 to Jun 2020.