1. DarkMTS_57

    Youtube no longer considers 720p HD !?

    I was scrolling and watching a few vids, and this happened... The HD tag from 720p, even 720p60fps... Its gone. Why in the fuck, they thought it was necessary to remove the HD tag from 720p RES ? I mean... It IS HD for fuck´s sake. Jootube is on crack. ( soy induced crack ) They spend their...
  2. DarkMTS_57

    Bittube Vs. Youtube

    Good Morning. Youtube not only takes longer to upload, the video player is not as good as Bittube in regards to its smoothness/quality, and no its not due to the video player being smaller/pixels being more closed together, since i play my videos with Gomm Video Player, they look much better in...
  3. GameDevCel

    Response video to Kalvin Garrah

  4. P

    Incel Interview Opportunity (Compensation may be available)

    This post is for anyone who self-identifies as an "incel" or any of its variations. We are Pulp, a soon-to-be launched documentary, news, and entertainment channel. We are doing one of our first projects on the online involuntarily celibate culture, and we are looking for individuals to answer a...
  5. Yerberito

    Incel In Denial Cringe Song

    JFL. I don't think the hat has helped the young man
  6. Yerberito

    The Dating Scene Is Over

    This channel opened my eyes
  7. T

    Let’s put an end to it

    I’m a minority in background and am rejected by my own country and get made fun of every day for being short. That being said I don’t think/feel like I’m above anyone. All I see is incels saying it’s exhausting hearing normies suggest things to try when incels already have. I’m up for the...