1. Stear2700

    Girls from 2007

    I remember 2016-17 in the recess time of my old school I watched that girls playing jumping rope,with cards,with fidget spinners,and the floor is lava.For that time they had inocence,they were cute and very friendly. Today, is the other side of the coin,their inocence is already gone,they listen...
  2. BlueballedGamer

    Advice Pls

    Hey ya'll. I'm a sophomore high school student and I was wondering if there is anything I should work towards at this age or avoid. I'm really interested in finding a future relationship with a female, but I also don't know if my brain can take a relationship. Any advice you'd just like to throw...
  3. Lordgoro

    Young sl*t show her true colors,leaves her "old" husband when $$ ran out