1. Henry

    What do you think of this?

  2. notyami

    I think women are inherently bad

    Obviously there are some exceptions but as a general rule I think women are dangerous and not to be trusted.
  3. Mr.Toad

    Giving up on women

    Noticed how Since I’ve stopped bothering with women and tinder I’ve been so much more relaxed and calm, I swear women are like leeches in human form just sent to suck the happiness out of men
  4. Mr.Toad


    Posted bout this before but anyway, So basically not allowed to talk to this girl who emotionally destroyed me , fuсking police obviously take her side cause she’s a woman , was wandering if there’s anyway to deal with my anger without getting into trouble with the police ?
  5. M

    What are some things you would like to know about women?

    Hi, I'm a 16 year old girl. I did not come here to ѕhit on incels, just to figure out how they think. What are some things you don't understand or like about women. It's all anonymous here so ask away. (16, straight)
  6. Sir_LionHeart

    “Just talk to people” Literally every normal person who don’t realise how incel life is, get out bluepills.

    OK, so i’ve talked to a lot of people about my social awkwardness and anxiety, After awhile i realised that women are disgusting idiots. And yet all the time, all i hear is “just talk to people” how? when all women care about is looks. TALKING TO PEOPLE WONT GROW YOU A JAWLINE.
  7. CursedPimple

    The denied female subconscious. [Part 1]

    Ill start of by saying that I'm not a psychologist or understand the human mind. This will be mostly based on my personal observations. I'm convinced that with enough observation one can draw pretty accurate conclusions about people. This will be a several part assesment I'll be doing. I...
  8. O

    What's the difference between a "foid" and a lady?

    I'm curious between this distinction.
  9. W

    gold diggers... a review

    Unless you are new to planet earth, you will have realised that women in the millions are marrying/dating wealthy men for no reason other than their bank balance, or to quote bill burr, there is an epidemic of gold-digging wh*res. If it wasn’t for their bank balance, they wouldn’t even look at...
  10. O

    Thank you

    Been lurking for awhile and decided to check it out and I just wanted to say thank you! My english is not the best but here it is Its been a long weird life for me and over the past year or so I've heard about incels , watched videos etc and I realized I'm very thankful for all of you I...
  11. Any1CanHaveLove

    What do incels actually think of “foids”?

    I guess I should disclaim that I’m not trying to start a fight or troll men. I genuinely am interested in hearing how you men view the people of the female sex. Again, I’m not trying to troll but it seems that incels misunderstand/hаte women, and I just want to hear opinions.
  12. kralislashav

    The Dangers of White Women

    I feel that white women are the absolute worst of society. Here are a list of reasons: Their superiority complex because they are the most craved for women of all femoids. They complain about everything! Always fuck chads unless they're fat and ugly. Pretend to be lesbians or bisexual. Mostly...
  13. Veritas

    Where you live matters.

    Which cities you live in can really make a difference when it comes to dating, some cities have huge gender disparities that effect your SMV. If you look at this map you will see that women are migrating from the west-coast to the east-coast, and of those women the majority ended up in the area...
  14. Veritas

    Insight to women mating strategies, and why some men are INCELs and others not.

    Basically, it all comes down to hypergamy, perceived value of a man, and a ton of mind games. Everything we do, say and own as a man will be perceived as gradient of low to high value. You have a car? that ups your value, you have few friends? that lowers your value, you have a girlfriend? That...
  15. Itsyagirlamy

    Advice from a girl!

    Hi! I go by Amy and I’m here to offer any help. I know a lot of you are going through a difficult time or have had a difficult life, I just wanna help clarify some things about women and help you guys move forward!