1. PapaEmeritus

    Video (political)

    The conservatives on this platform (A.K.A. probably more than 90% of you) will like this video. It's incredibly accurate. I've started watching a lot of bipartisan comedic political channels recently like this guy and The Onion (although I've been watching The Onion for a while) because it's...
  2. I

    Can we tweak the legal system to help incels without infringing on constitutional rights?

    Doesn't it just make you sick when you hear of stories of these stupid ass Stacy bitches who hook up with ex-criminals instead of law abiding incels? https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/13897085/rhonj-joe-giudice-shares-bikini-clad-pic-girlfriend-daniela/...
  3. ChadAlwaysWins

    If you look at life through a purely logical and objective lens, there really is no point to living if you're aesthetically undesirable.

    Pop-culture and marketing executives have convinced the modern human that "looks don't matter" and "there's more to life than romance", ironically during a period of time where we judge people based off looks alone more than ever before, but I guess you need an IQ above 100 to spot the absurd...
  4. ChadAlwaysWins

    Am I crazy for thinking the long-term endgame of modern feminism is the eradication of undesirable men?

    Do you think modern feminism is going to stop? Because it's not. It's going to keep progressing. Imagine women, especially young women, in 25 years. They already see average men as evil and hardly even as human beings, the thought of 25 years from now is nightmare fuel. It seems like society is...
  5. T

    Has anyone noticed that guys who are successful with women and who understand female nature want the game to become harder for men

    Has anyone this. Men who are successful with women and have no problem getting them or even guys who are starting to come successful with women And understand the red pill and female nature want the Dating market To become even more hard and challenging for men. They say things like hypergamy...
  6. AndinaGama

    The Simp

    INTRO A Simp is a man that puts himself in a submissive or subservient position under a woman in the hopes that by doing so he may curry sexual favour with said woman. The Simp is highly despised among men. he is looked down upon by the Fuck Boys, the Blessers, the Gentleman and the Leadership...
  7. T

    Can you believe this bullshit article?

    Just another article to bash and chastise men. This was written by a simp as well. Look at the reason he came up with for men not wearing masks. It never occurred to him that men think for themselves and know this virus is a joke. The men are not afraid of death, we are at peace with it. A virus...
  8. Augustan Isidor

    "Just respect wahmen, treat them as your equals, dis y u inkler"

    https://www.tiktok.com/@yourpuppygirljenna/video/6837248291000929541?refer=embed I couldn't even finish the video myself, I feel 2nd hand embarrassment. The absolute state of white women. Btw, this isn't the only video like this. On World Star Hip Hop (Jogger youtube), there are videos just...
  9. J

    Must be So Hard

  10. DarkMTS_57

    All Women Are wh*res

    Don´let the title from this video misguide you, Jootube removed the original one from Alex. This is an excellent lecture on female nature. They use men as disposable objects, which takes a literal sociopath to do it. Soulless and accursed creatures, with no principle or a sense of guilt in...
  11. Karamelli

    Why Are There No Women In General/Incels Lounge?

    I see women posting in the bluepill room, but none anywhere else, so why? Is it like a safe space for redpilled/blackpilled men type thing? I'm obviously new here but it is an honest question.
  12. Letmego

    36 questions women have for man

    This somehow showed up on my feed, this is female bullshit again. They are trash at everything of course they are trash at making videos. Stupid.
  13. R

    What's the deal with women

    So, you all hate women no questions asked. SO what's the plan after that? do you plan to stay alone forever or r u gay? can women not be incels?
  14. B

    Only Fans

    There has been a spike in numbers on Only Fans increasing lately and in fact if you type only fans on YouTube you will see hundreds of females showing how they made almost 500$ in a week or more just starting only fans. Some have zero to thousands of views. Where's the patriarchy? I...
  15. Henry

    What do you think of this?

  16. notyami

    I think women are inherently bad

    Obviously there are some exceptions but as a general rule I think women are dangerous and not to be trusted.
  17. Mr.Toad

    Giving up on women

    Noticed how Since I’ve stopped bothering with women and tinder I’ve been so much more relaxed and calm, I swear women are like leeches in human form just sent to suck the happiness out of men
  18. Mr.Toad


    Posted bout this before but anyway, So basically not allowed to talk to this girl who emotionally destroyed me , fucking police obviously take her side cause she’s a woman , was wandering if there’s anyway to deal with my anger without getting into trouble with the police ?
  19. M

    What are some things you would like to know about women?

    Hi, I'm a 16 year old girl. I did not come here to shit on incels, just to figure out how they think. What are some things you don't understand or like about women. It's all anonymous here so ask away. (16, straight)