#women #sexist

  1. PolishJames

    I love watching women aging terribly

    It fills me with that weird feeling of pleasure and joy. They really Age faster than us. I know it may be a shitty cope but men watching them getting their skin saggy, wrinkles and loosing their traits meanwhile still being in their 20s is so fucking oddly satisfying. Every women hits Wall...
  2. V

    Guess what, it’s a Foid .

    Hi , I’m Maze . BEFORE you start blasting away on your keyboards in the comment section about how I’m a “whore foid” or telling me I deserve to be raped or some other disgusting shit. Read this: 1. I’ve been visiting this page since I first heard about it last year . The only reason my account...
  3. Che

    Cucktears are sexist against women by their own definition

    They constantly say " be confident, woman love a confident guy" or "be more interesting, get a hobby". So by their own words woman act like a hive mind that chase after similar traits in men. By their own words men shouldn't be shy or have social anxiety because absolutely no women like that...