women hate

  1. Oogabooga

    Something that makes me happy

    It’s not even a cope (completely). But soyboys and foids are always screeching about how a woman’s body count doesn’t matter and that she’s not “used goods”. But the data suggest the opposite. There’s plenty of research suggesting that foids who were wh*res when young are less faithful, happy...
  2. junejo

    Im a girl AMA ~

    Bonjourno all of you lovely incels, I, am a GIRL. oooooo. Run for the hills! jkjkjk This is an AMA, if you're curious enough or willing to listen, I'll answer any of your incel questions from the perspective of a female.
  3. O

    When did you start hatіng women?

    Was there a certain moment in your life that made you begin hating them or was it a series of events that led to your hate? I'm curious.