1. Augustan Isidor

    "Just respect wahmen, treat them as your equals, dis y u inkler"

    https://www.tiktok.com/@yourpuppygirljenna/video/6837248291000929541?refer=embed I couldn't even finish the video myself, I feel 2nd hand embarrassment. The absolute state of white women. Btw, this isn't the only video like this. On World Star Hip Hop (Jogger youtube), there are videos just...
  2. Letmego

    Asian holes > white holes

    Is something wrong with me? My country is 99.9 percent white and our girls are known in world to be one of the most beautiful but i still find Asian holes the most appealing. O don't know but just something about them is better than white holes. Would pick an Asian girl over white any day...
  3. kralislashav

    Question for incels who have had girlfriends

    Were they white? And if so how were they. Only have interest in the white section of femoids.
  4. kralislashav

    The Dangers of White Women

    I feel that white women are the absolute worst of society. Here are a list of reasons: Their superiority complex because they are the most craved for women of all femoids. They complain about everything! Always fuck chads unless they're fat and ugly. Pretend to be lesbians or bisexual. Mostly...