1. I

    [BLACKPILL] Chads and Stacies live a life of privilege

    It's even legislated in the UK: Notice the blame for spreading the virus is all on the incels, particularly the ricecels.
  2. T


    I’m tired of having to put on these masks, even when no other customer is in the store besides me because of this supposedly “dangerous” and “lethal” virus. It’s literally 11:00pm no one in the store no crowd or anything, no reason to put on a mask or let alone stand 6 inches from...
  3. Lordgoro

    Foids Admitting sex is too easy, them COMPLAINING the virus has made is slightly HARDER!!!

  4. Lordgoro

    So, last few days this BOARD has been a lot deader then usual, FAR less postings..

    Ive noticed this night and day for the last few days, a LOT of you guys are posting far LESS, tons of threads just sit there unreplied to for hours and hours, or sometimes a day!! Is it the virus thing? LOTS of closings here, but that might make folks like us post even MORE, not less... Thoughts?
  5. Lordgoro

    IF this new virus MUTATED, and became a NEW BLACK PLAGUE would you be upset?

    Lets say it developed a 50 percent death rate, would you have ANY regrets or SORROW watching humanity keel over by the billions? Or sit back, laugh, and have a beer watching joyfully, and hoping you were one of the 50 percent immune?
  6. incelguyyyh

    been doing research on how to fight off the corona viruses

    so basically i found out is to help boost your red and white blood cell count by taking certain vitamins and certain foods. your red and white blood cells fight off viruses and help your immune system.