1. Y

    Got a girlfriend

    Right cucks, I got myself a gf; this is how I did it Last night (Saturday) I was out drinking with a buddy and marched up to the nearest foid because I’m fuckin sick of being single and slammed a drink down in front of her and ordered her to drink it, she necked it in seconds and asked me “who...
  2. Tupolev

    Some call it being a wizard...

    When you hit 30 and still have zero sexual experiences under your belt. Me? I'm 32, and i call it being in HELL. I missed out on teen love, and teen love is a critical part of mental formulation for the rest of your life. I also had no sexual experiences in my 20's. My "prime" years passed...
  3. N

    Tips for losing your virginity❤️

    •respect women •ask for consent That’s it. That’s all it takes. It has nothing to do with your attractiveness. Y’all are just sexist. Women don’t want to sleep with sexist assholes. (I’m gonna get banned for this, aren’t I? )
  4. WillJF


    I hate sex. I've noticed that I've been daily presented with unsolicited romantic sexual content, and such content might be making me more sexual than usual. So I'm exercising antisexuality to counter it. Antisexuality honestly feels like No Fap! I hate sex so much that I just lose interest in...
  5. Ropist

    Being good in bed is not a real skill.

    Normies act like sex is some skill that you develop over many years by fucking hundreds of people. Since foids usually dont have any actual skills they cope with being "good in bed" or good at sucking cock. Chads are "good in bed" by just having a big dick. Many virgincels seem to be insecure...
  6. PigfacedWaltz

    Female virgin is mocking me what do I do

    I'm new here and this is my first post So there's this female that I go to school with, I've noticed that unlike other females, this one doesn't look at me with spite in her eyes. It's like she sees me as a regular person, but now I'm starting to think it's too good to be true. I managed to get...
  7. C

    Would you marry a girl if she wasnt a virgin?

  8. L

    High School Life

    People who are currently in HS, how much do you hear about people not being virgins ? For me, I hate myself all the time for letting the feeling of loneliness get to me and failing to fix the issues that I had throughout my whole life. I always here about chads talking about their body count...