1. Uncommon

    I really miss the fanservice of the videogames of the past

    I still remember how in a lot of old videogames, there used to be a lot of fanservice of beatiful female characters...but now, because of the "political correct" agenda of the jews, the feminazis and the SJWs, there are not anymore... i still remember how orchid from the videogame killer...
  2. EdgarTheDog64

    Cucknadian makes an incel visual novel [CRINGE]

    This is the cucked ѕhit itch gives me, please end me.
  3. M

    Incel-games discussion (+my idea for a potential game)

    I'm an app/game-dev hobbyist working mainly on mobile with the Unity engine. I've been thinking about ideas for potential incel-games. My idea: small-scale, lightweight, arcade-like, dating-RPG You start off by choosing a premade male character. The characters themselves would simply be proxies...
  4. F

    Forced diversity in borderlands 3

    I've been playing borderlands 3 for quite a while now and all I can see is forced diversity... A black woman being one of the four main characters and only one single white man... I'm honestly just disappointed because of what I'm seeing... And there's a gay couple put in there for some reason...
  5. E