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  1. DarkMTS_57

    (Scalpers) This is Pure Lunacy !!

    Imagine charging €70 ( Not even adding Shipping to the amount ) for a used game, heck the box isn´t even "semi-new". These scalpers man... are OUT of their Goddamn MINDS !! I´d pay maybe €40, and that´s still pushing it. Reason is, there are some moves ( TMs ) which i´d like to replicate, and...
  2. DarkMTS_57

    (Gaming) BMW M3 GTR E46 SuperCharged Mod ( Edited )

    Major tweaks to the SuperCharged Mod, now it feels good on the keyboard. I made a nice montage, as a tribute to the iconic BMW in the Need For Speed series. Featuring TheEndGame Cop Mod:
  3. DarkMTS_57

    (Gaming) Need For An Arrest: Vettes on Crack

  4. DarkMTS_57

    (Gaming) Chevy Lovers

  5. DarkMTS_57

    (Gaming) I should give this camcorder a try on my CRT TV

    I´ve been thinking about this for some time, it performs very well when recording on a 144hz monitor. ( Although the camera records at 50hz, funnily enough ) Now... If i were to try it on my CRT TV, playing some PS2 games and whatnot... I wonder, since it is PAL ( 50hz ) the TV, the consoles...
  6. Letmego

    Does anyone play League of legends?

    I played it a lot before but not now, idk why but im not as good as i used to be. From the first to the last day i played ekko like mad i still love him so much. Can't remember if im lvl 6 or 7 on him. I want to play again do any of u have any tips how to get better either in game or on ekko...
  7. Spice

    Free games on steam for a while so make sure you grab them!