1. Letmego

    Guess what is the best gift I got for my birthday

    Corona My birthday is on 10th September but I will likely have it even then. Got my results today. I have big shitty headaches, my sore throat is killing me, it's hard to swallow even my fucking saliva and then there's a temperature of 38.6 C Fucking great, both my mother and I are infected but...
  2. Spice

    Living with borderline personality disorder (vent)

    Well i am here just to say this is just a small vent so you do not have to read this but if you want then go ahead, let me start off with this there is lot of misconceptions about woman most of the time having BPD but male sufferers of BPD get ignored/ misdiagnosed which is just sad, so i don't...
  3. C

    College Stacies In Tight Pants [Venting]

    I go to a college in the South where Stacies walk around all day in tight yoga pants, shorts that show their whole ass, tight jeans etc. I feel like I'm just constantly being teased and taunted by the foids, even on days that they don't try like wearing sweatpants they still have them so nice...