1. NoHopeNoFear

    Plans tonight!

    Going to be summoning King Paimon as said, going to see to what extent I can restore my mental faculties because drug coping sure as shit did a number on me. If my conjuring is consistently successful I would like to ask about alternate realities because Paimon apparently knows a lot about...
  2. P

    Back from the dead.

    What's up boyos it's your friendly neighbourhood saint KHHV, back from the grave. (just using this throwaway account temporarily.) Just going to update, started learning javascript and I took a short hiatus with the summonings but I'm back at the ol' grindstone again. This time trying to work...
  3. NoHopeNoFear

    The "you know what" is happening very soon.

    My amazon order for the supplies I needed came way earlier than expected considering corona. For those that have been following my posts the "occurrence" shall most likely be taking place on Monday however it is possible it will be later. I'll keep you updated regardless how hard I have to...