1. Che

    Blackpill : facts everybody needs to learn

    Women have requirements, men have preferences. Women choose, men compete. There are solid evolutionary reasons for this. Women are evolutionarily conditioned to heavily discriminate. Men are not. Women are attracted to a narrow set of characteristics that are entirely genetically determined. Men...
  2. coolcrati

    Is there any hope for me?

    I am 6'1 and white. I was kicked out of my public highschool because of a female altercation, i can get into that if anyone is interested. Any tips?
  3. Uncommon

    Tall femoids topic

    I think Tall femoids are disgusting because they look like men with wigs. Your opinion about tall femoids?
  4. Che

    Post here the most blackpilled studies/paper you know of, let's compile them.

    Go go go. I'll start with this : How we react to less attractive babies There's some evidence to suggest that less cute children are treated differently. A review of the scientific literature in the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences highlights a few conclusions that point in this direction...