1. Uncommon

    If life were a videogame, the difficulty level would look like this sad image depending on what are you

    This image: That is the sad truth... And you know what is the most ironic part? when you play a videogame at leats you can choose the difficulty level...in real life, you cannot choose it... By the way, noticed how the femoids are the privileged ones? yet not a single feminist complain...
  2. Y

    Got a girlfriend

    Right cucks, I got myself a gf; this is how I did it Last night (Saturday) I was out drinking with a buddy and marched up to the nearest foid because I’m fuckin sick of being single and slammed a drink down in front of her and ordered her to drink it, she necked it in seconds and asked me “who...
  3. B

    Black Lives Matter is only for Tyrone.

    Black guys like me and many others ain’t getting news coverage if we get shot up by a cop, or if we get shot up in general. They’ll probably even put the blame on us and say we were armed or some shit, but will spend the next 5 days crying on twitter and shit about some criminal Tyrone who...