1. Uncommon

    Femoids divide men in 3 groups

    Ok, most of us already know it, but for the ones who do not know it, femoids divide men in 3 groups: 1. The chads: the handsome men and the rich men, they are the men who femoids want to date and want to have sex. They are only like 10% of the men in the world. 2. The manginas/white knights...
  2. Retrogamecel

    Lesbians don’t actually exist [truthpill]

    Lesbians don’t exist and that is because the act of sex cannot exist without a man. You see biologically and legally speaking for real sexual intercourse to take place there must be penetration for intercourse to take place. When lesbians “have sex” and they rub clits it is not legally fuсking...
  3. Hidden

    [Vent] Loneliness has made me a terrible person.

    Nowadays I am angry, bitter and jealous most of the day. I used to think of myself as a good person, but not anymore. And quite frankly I don't give a ѕhit if people think I'm hateful. People are so awful these days, normies don't care about you if you are not beneficial to them, they always try...
  4. T

    Don't you guys realise that your the epitome of toxic masculinity?

    Let me explain. Your not a hung Tyrone with a BBC. So you will NEVER be as attractive to women and that's just a fact. Pretending otherwise is futile. Women owe you Nothing. So don't be demand to be treated the Same. UNLESS you have something to offer,(money, loyalty and respect) Honesty is the...
  5. Harkie

    By the gods, I am an incel, because I'm East Asian... And, I can prove it.

    My profile photo is displayed at my Tagged dating site, which you could visit, if you typed I got zero messages, for over a year, while my brown friend gets messages, doing nothing, on that site. Me reading dating advice from famous authors, like Mark Manson, didn't...
  6. Hidden

    [Blackpill] How can you bluepilled people deny the truth about this?

    The achievement of intimacy in a romantic relationship is considered to be one of the critical development tasks marking one's entry into adulthood ( prof Conger , Cui, Bryant, & Elder, 2000) Failure to establish and sustain a committed intimate relationship during this time is thought to not...