true story

  1. Iamthejoker

    From bluepilled to blackpilled. A very short summary on how i became blackpilled.

    I think this will make for a good first post. I wouldnt really call this a story but this,this thing has been on my mind for a long time and i want to share it so that i can feel relieved. I dont want to give away any identifying information since i dont really think this happens to lots of...
  2. Saint Chincel

    BRUTAL story

    I remember one time in school I was sat in ict class I was 13 and just started there all of a sudden I was asked to leave the class for a moment I didn't know what for I hadn't done anything wrong then I found out that this girl called Sarah who was new and automatically made friends when she...
  3. C

    My story

    Hello I'm a 18 year old man. Who has been rejected many times once I was rejected by a girl and she vomited on me. Then one time people accused me of being me of being a stalking and screenshoting photos of a girl even though I did not do it. The last time I tried I was rejected in front of a...
  4. PigfacedWaltz

    Female virgin is mocking me what do I do

    I'm new here and this is my first post So there's this female that I go to school with, I've noticed that unlike other females, this one doesn't look at me with spite in her eyes. It's like she sees me as a regular person, but now I'm starting to think it's too good to be true. I managed to get...
  5. O

    Dear Incels, Tell me your rejection experiences

    I am interested in hearing the life experiences you had that made you an incel. If you don't mind, please share a time you experienced rejection from a female. Only share things that have happened to you specifically (so not something you heard happened to someone else or something from popular...
  6. Jorami

    Short lil Guy Attempts to Win The Heart of a Ghetto Girl (True Story Time)

    Back in middle school, I think 7th grade, prom was coming up in a few days. Everybodys getting prepared and excited about whose going with who. There are several groups: The Nerds - Average kids - Hood - and popular. I was on team average kids and popular, but this one kid (I'll nickname Timmy)...