1. M

    (Repost) A new sport for Friday and Saturday nights

    If you live in a city centre or know of a high rise building in the city centre you can get access to I have a fun new game to play. being a man of simple pleasures the game simply involves shining a laser pointer in front of groups of drunk chads/staceys/foids as they’re walking and enjoying...
  2. Lordgoro

    So I mentioned the word "incel" on a youtube board, and some random guy messaged me..

    Here was his EXACT response, word for word.. Im Just copying and pasting here: Johnny D what exactly is an INCEL? I know it’s a single dude prone to video games...that’s how the term was explained to me by a very odd man. He has no friends, family, hobbies, interests...he does have some kind of...