1. K

    How we can all end our misery, finally be happy and feel accepted (I'm serious)

    Hey everyone, I've noticed that were all going through the same problem, that we ether can't find a woman to love us, or we feel rejected or that we have no friends. We all know what pain and loneliness feels like, to feel like a failure and there's many more people who feel exactly like how we...
  2. pussyslayer 649

    Incel dating server

    I posted this thread before but I can’t seem to find it, that could be the reason I wasn’t getting any replies, anyways the uncle dating server is deleted, that place is full of jailbaits and some of the girls on Thebes server have a boyfriend(if they had a boyfriend what was the point of them...
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  4. NoHopeNoFear

    My opinion.

    35 year old roastie teacher : what do you think of women's rights? Me: I would like to express my thoughts in song.