1. Tupolev

    I've grown so tired, and so frustrated.

    Tired of the OCD, tired of the schizophrenia spectrum disorder, tired of the panic attacks, tired of the agoraphobia, tired of the social anxiety. But maybe even more tiring, is the bullshit psychiatrist who's medications DON'T FRIGGEN WORK! And tired of the therapist pretending that asking me...
  2. fuckyougenetics

    why i've given up

    i've spent fucking years trying to get an ounce of love, just one ounce. when i kinda got it after loads of simping sometime last year (keep in mind i dated someone with shockingly low standards) it wasn't rewarding as i knew this relationship would all come crashing down due to my genetic and...
  3. C

    This is the end

    I'm tired, physically and mentally. For so long I thought I was not an incel, I thought someday I would meet a nice woman and be happy. All those stupids thoughts are vanished now. I never dated a girl and i will turn 22. Christmas is here and all my family will come and bring their girlfriends...