1. Letmego

    I found out my crush is obsessed with a tiktok guy, rate him

    I have an Instagram account because there we have a school group where we share homework and scripts. Im not active but i will look what they're writing from time to time. There was one girl in my class that i was obsessed with (long blue hair, blue eyes and really fit) so no chance. She started...
  2. Augustan Isidor

    Tik Tok dog pill, girl walks infront of her dog naked, can you guess what happened afterwards?

    https://vm.tiktok.com/tpkxL4/ So there was this trend on tik tok where the girlfriend would walk into her boyfriend naked to record their reaction, it's suіcіde fuel. This one however shows the girl walking naked in front of her dog, can you guess what happened afterwards?