1. pussyslayer 649

    Do black women want to date black men

    I think many black women(in the west probably) see many black men as unattractive people, so they don't date them, these guys date women from other races, then black women claim that black men don't want to date them because they are black, there are many twitter posts of non white women saying...
  2. K

    Mental energy

    Sometimes I hear of people saying that they are not only unattractive, but so unattractive that the opposite sex will go out of their way to hate them. I think this mindset is a huge grab for attention, and I’ll explain why. Willpower has been shown in science to be a limited resource. Why is...
  3. Iamthejoker

    It never stops.

    Just when you think you finally might be happy it comes back. It never goes away completely. It just comes back. Again and again. The thought of suіcіde just keeps on plauging my mind. Finally when i start to make progress i suddenly have an influx of suicidal thoughts. It fucking sucks. It...