1. DarkMTS_57

    (Gaming) I should give this camcorder a try on my CRT TV

    I´ve been thinking about this for some time, it performs very well when recording on a 144hz monitor. ( Although the camera records at 50hz, funnily enough ) Now... If i were to try it on my CRT TV, playing some PS2 games and whatnot... I wonder, since it is PAL ( 50hz ) the TV, the consoles...
  2. DarkMTS_57

    (Vidya) Couldn´t upload to Bitchute, so i uploaded my first video to Bittube

    https://bittube.tv/post/49d1b32e-c650-47e9-ac07-5508db7d8dbe The video platform has better quality in the Bittube´s player ngl compared to some videos i saw on Bitchute. For some reason, maybe they invested in better software.