1. L

    Q&A With a Foid

    You heard right, folks. Ask away, if you want, and I will answer any questions you have. Yes, I'm a female. No, I am not on here because i'm "just curious, teehee." I will answer as honestly as I can, and I don't speak for all females. I will not shame you, and I will not be mean in any way. If...
  2. Oogabooga

    Fictional Character Dark Triadpill In YouTube Comments Section

    ”teehee, chad might be a cannibal and a mass murderer, but he‘s got a wonderful personality that makes me wet!”
  3. Oogabooga

    Something that makes me happy

    It’s not even a cope (completely). But soyboys and foids are always screeching about how a woman’s body count doesn’t matter and that she’s not “used goods”. But the data suggest the opposite. There’s plenty of research suggesting that foids who were whores when young are less faithful, happy...
  4. Oogabooga

    Humor the Bluepill for a Second

    I know, I know, “it’s soy!”, but just pretend you took the blue pill and have the same views that Inceltears and most normies have. Scroll for TLDR. Women are rational levelheaded beings. They value personality. It’s pure coincidence that they rate most guys as unattractive. There is no reason...
  5. Saint Chincel

    "hey guy im a girl just CURIOUS" dumb bitches

    Sick of these lying foids coming in here with that "JuSt CurIoUs TeEhEE" bullshit Dumb bitches