1. Lordgoro

    Poll.. Fellow incels, Getting Drunk tonight? Tipsy? Or nothing?

    Just wondering what everyones plans are(the ones that plan on drinking or not..
  2. T

    Survey for incels, help me (a psychology student) by understanding you!

    Hello all! I am a psychology student that is interested in the ideas of people of the incel community. I am writing a small paper about it. You would really help me by answering the 14 short questions in this survey (approximately 5 minutes). Thank you...
  3. N

    Take my survey? (Sorry if this isnt allowed)

    Hi, I think I might be an incel (trying to figure out if my thoughts are real or the product of an anti-incel society), so for my schools summer project we have to make, administer, and analyze a survey (Heres the survey: ). I decided to do mine on incels...
  4. N

    Posting this in bluepill just to be safe

    I have to make and analyze a survey for school, so I decided as an almost-incel (incel in the making?), I should do mine on other incels. I made a goofgle survey and it would be super cool if some people could take it. Its kind of long, but you can skip questions if you want, thanks...