1. AdamKadmon

    Kissanime and kissmanga have both been shutdown by copyright owners.

    Im mortified. This site was my life for nearly a decade and now its just gone on the very day my childhood ends.
  2. Karamelli

    Why Do You Want People That Don't Want You?

    This is kind of a volcel vs incel or blackpill vs redpill type question, but I don't understand why the desire doesn't just fade away for everyone that has no chance. And yeah you can cope, but seeing people that are out of your league and feeling anything other than awe or respect seems like...
  3. TheIncelosopher

    I'm not afraid of the Coronavirus, and here's my personal reason why

    People and normies I meet, including my own family, are puzzled on why I have said over and over again, in comparison to the outside society who overreacts like it's the end of the world, I have expressed ZERO concern or fear of the coronavirus. I've made posts before on FB, Reddit and here that...
  4. L

    [NSFW] Low tier normie fuсking a hoe, couldn't even put on a condom.

    Couldn't keep erection and she kept laughing at him. Source : Very poor quality though.
  5. G

    No one will mourn us after we rope

    After attending a few funerals recently this has become a hard pill to swallow, it is a direct result of inceldom and not having children. Our siblings and nephews will attend our funeral just as a sign of respect without any real sorrow whereas Chad will have a clan filled with tears at his...