1. Stear2700

    This curry mogs me to the outer space

  2. PolishJames

    This is the life of 21 yro women in 2021 [SUIFUEL]

    This is over even for betabuxx. Women are making so much money from cucks that they don't even care about men. Its even over for betabuxx Luxury cars, vacations, money, clothes meanwhile 21 yro men is monstly a minimal wagecuck incel working overtime to get 700 bucks monthly. This is beyond...
  3. AdamKadmon

    Kissanime and kissmanga have both been shutdown by copyright owners.

    Im mortified. This site was my life for nearly a decade and now its just gone on the very day my childhood ends.
  4. AccountError

    if your life has been shit, then it will always be shit

    from all my observations, men's lives NEVER improve, it is rather a path that they follow the only way a man can recover is some genetic miracle happening in puberty or literally winning the lottery, but both of these have such a small chance of happening that you might as well wish for flying...
  5. Oogabooga

    Suifuel for ethnicels-“40% of Indian women cheat” Its over. More suifuel: I...
  6. Augustan Isidor

    Tik Tok dog pill, girl walks infront of her dog naked, can you guess what happened afterwards? So there was this trend on tik tok where the girlfriend would walk into her boyfriend naked to record their reaction, it's suіcіde fuel. This one however shows the girl walking naked in front of her dog, can you guess what happened afterwards?
  7. Sipho

    Feeling bitter towards my normie brother

    So as everyone knows, the Coronavirus has people self quarantined in their homes. Being the fat loser that I am, it just means more free time for me besides the occasional online work. But my brother, huge normie, keeps talking about his girlfriend and how he misses her and it pisses me off a...
  8. A

    Should I just give up?

    Should I just give up? 30 yrs old curry here, 64 kilos, 5ft6". I literally look like a matchstick figure. Haven't had physical relation in over 5 yrs. Suffered from various ailments in my life (skin diseases, mental disorders). The most recent one has me on my wit's end. I literally smell like...
  9. rotting

    tfw you are ethnicel and a wh*teoid tells you "Merry christmas!"

    y-yeah merry christmas to you too
  10. zombiecel


    Last night I found the girl I love and went on a date with her. Then I woke up
  11. Chadcel925

    How to deal with your suіcіde fuel

    This is the first forum that I have joined and this is my first thread. I am posting this thread on the Bluepilled Forum just in case I sound like a bluepilled cuck. So anyways, although I never had an account on, I was curious about the incel cummonity and once I stumbled upon a thread...