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    Jack Peterson is probably going to kill himself

    If anybody remember this guy, he was considered to be co's spokesman but later he left there because he thought it was a toxic place, and then he spoke against us. He told the media that he is not an incel anymore and he is going to do some improvements and ascend but as far as it seems he...
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    Can someone explain my situation... 3 therapists couldn't

    Hello my name is Patrick. I am 21, reasonable looking face with a far better than average body, a chad body I guess you could say. I am at a good university, I am very athletic and compete as an amateur mixed martial artist, hoping to go professional by 24.From this you could say, what's wrong...
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    Noodle hoe made her bf kill himself

    As far as it seems noodle hoes hate their raсe so much that they may encourage their same raсe bf to kill themselves so they can go after chad. She should be charged with first degree murder...