1. unfixable

    I would do almost anything for a woman (no kidding)

    If an omnipotent being offered me a loyal virgin girl that was in love with me, I would do ANYTHING to have that person in my life, I would move heaven and earth, I would go to war 100 times, I would suffer as much as I had to suffer, I would fight and kill any kind of beast and eat its raw...
  2. AdamKadmon

    I believe that within every individual, there lies two selves. The Real and Ideal. Most suffering can be attributed to the gap between these two.

    For instance, some wish to be loved and relied on while others wish to be happy or more diligent. Many figures throughout history believed this as well but in different ways, Buddhism teaches that being content is the secret to happiness but the truth is, that is little more than coping with...
  3. Tupolev

    Slipping into the gates of hell.

    Another day closer to death, just trying to fight the sickness that plagues my fucking brain. Trying to get better, but i can feel the foundation cracking. It's all slipping away again. My mental illness is stronger than i am, and i feel like just giving in. Fighting this illness is like trying...
  4. SlavcelUA

    The story of the Ukrainian loner.

    Born in the city of Odesa and have spent most of my life here. I wasn't particulary lucky from the fucking beginning, being born with a heart defect ( , to be precise). I've undergne an open heart surgery at age 5, which, as doctors hoped...