1. R

    Given up on college.

    I had the whole month of March to """look""" for one, but guess what. This wouldn't have happened if I was born white.
  2. Che

    Post here the most blackpilled studies/paper you know of, let's compile them.

    Go go go. I'll start with this : How we react to less attractive babies There's some evidence to suggest that less cute children are treated differently. A review of the scientific literature in the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences highlights a few conclusions that point in this direction...
  3. Harkie

    By the gods, I am an incel, because I'm East Asian... And, I can prove it.

    My profile photo is displayed at my Tagged dating site, which you could visit, if you typed I got zero messages, for over a year, while my brown friend gets messages, doing nothing, on that site. Me reading dating advice from famous authors, like Mark Manson, didn't...