1. Captain

    Why Fascism is good for incels.

    Unlike what some think, Fascism does not seek to destroy the incel. Instead it gives him a new life when he wields it. A Fascist society would ensure that all the incels, which are usually ignored by corrupted females of these dark days, could get the girl simply by breaking the women into shape...
  2. Tupolev

    Strengthening components in the incel brain.

    Let's take a look at why you SHOULDN'T rope... It's occurred to me lately that our mere presence and existence disturbs certain individuals. Last week i read a media article asking why our forums are still online. It made me laugh, because clearly they're upset that we're still here. This got...
  3. Lordgoro

    Perhaps we should accept what society thinks of us?

    If INSANITY has become the norm.. And good has become EVIl, and what Used to be Evil has become GOOD, then maybe we should ACCEPT what modern society has ascribed us to being? We KNOW what we truly are, the ONLY SANE voices in these times.. By our rejections, for SHALLOW reasons, we have...