1. Sipho

    Feeling bitter towards my normie brother

    So as everyone knows, the Coronavirus has people self quarantined in their homes. Being the fat loser that I am, it just means more free time for me besides the occasional online work. But my brother, huge normie, keeps talking about his girlfriend and how he misses her and it pisses me off a...
  2. C

    My story

    Hello I'm a 18 year old man. Who has been rejected many times once I was rejected by a girl and she vomited on me. Then one time people accused me of being me of being a stalking and screenshoting photos of a girl even though I did not do it. The last time I tried I was rejected in front of a...
  3. Jorami

    Is it Homophobic?

    Right now I’m sharing a room with one of my best friends for summer vacation and it was going great. She recently became really close to me and we started sharing dark and personal secrets. We talked about all kinds of things, boys, religion, raсe, culture, sex.. Eventually, she said, "Im...
  4. Jorami

    Short lil Guy Attempts to Win The Heart of a Ghetto Girl (True Story Time)

    Back in middle school, I think 7th grade, prom was coming up in a few days. Everybodys getting prepared and excited about whose going with who. There are several groups: The Nerds - Average kids - Hood - and popular. I was on team average kids and popular, but this one kid (I'll nickname Timmy)...
  5. Jorami

    What is Your WORST Year in School?

    What is your absolute WORST year(s) in school? Mine was 6 grade, but 4th was awful too. Before I went into 4th grade, I was surrounded by kindness and loving people. But all that changed when I went into a school full of kids straight-out of da HOOD. I was unprepared for the harsh and hostile...
  6. Jorami


    I was getting my ass kicked in this game, and It ENRAGED me. Usually, Im pretty good at it, but today was not one of those days. I was getting obliterated and I was getting more pissed and furious by the second. I growled and shouted at the computer screen in pure anger, I was so mad I started...