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    I have access to a Stacy's Facebook login name and password, how can I make the most out of it, unnoticed?

    There is a typical Stacy in my class (hot chick, firm ass, bit dumb), also I got a slight crush on her. She is nice to me because I do stuff for her, altough in my defense, these things require basically no effort from me. Well, today I realized she left her Facebook login info saved in the...
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    Stacy on Reddit wants to destroy a man's life for calling her a c*nt

    What is it with Stacy's/roasties wanting to ruin the lives of people that hurt their feelings? Hope she gets laughed out of the police station
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    Stacy gets murdered by Chad boyfriend.

    ( P E R S O N A L I T Y ) As its seems women's personality detector malfunctions again. I'm sure its because of personality right ? that why we are here. Its absolutely has nothing to do with your looks silly little inkel, it just so happens that my boyfriend is little bit violent to the point...
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    I’m a so called “chad”

    I guess I’m what you’d call a chad according to you guys. I party a lot. Have a pretty high body count. But now I’ve had a gf for awhile so my chad days are over. I just came here to learn about y’all and maybe give advice if you’re open to it. God bless. I’m red pilled btw