1. Coder

    How being superficial broke me

    5 years ago I was working a retail job and felt like I had the attention of at least 3 women. Girl #1 was hideous, girl #2 below average and #3 was like a stacy to me. The only one I really had a chance with was girl #1, but went for the other two instead. Girl #3 was my oneitis, and #2 grew on...
  2. Uncommon

    If life were a videogame, the difficulty level would look like this sad image depending on what are you

    This image: That is the sad truth... And you know what is the most ironic part? when you play a videogame at leats you can choose the difficulty real life, you cannot choose it... By the way, noticed how the femoids are the privileged ones? yet not a single feminist complain...
  3. I

    [BLACKPILL] Chads + Stacies = Fourth Reich

    Historical context: Back in the 1930s, when the Nationalist Socialists (Nazis) gained power in Germany, their Fuher, Hitler, declared that the beautiful blond blue eyed aryans were the master race: Basically the Chads and Stacies...
  4. Y

    Got a girlfriend

    Right cucks, I got myself a gf; this is how I did it Last night (Saturday) I was out drinking with a buddy and marched up to the nearest foid because I’m fuckin sick of being single and slammed a drink down in front of her and ordered her to drink it, she necked it in seconds and asked me “who...
  5. Letmego

    16- 17 year old holes

    Once i said i would never be attracted to anyone below 18, well i lied. Obv Stacies but how can women even look like that at 16-17 is beyond me. I want to cry when i remember that in my prime i can settle only with 30+ landwhale roastie and thats not for sure. Im so mad at everything rn. still...
  6. Letmego

    Going crazy because of this hole

    I once mentioned that i go to college with this really beautiful Stacy, not only beautiful but she's really smart and kind too. One problem i also mentioned that she's obsessed with some tik tok guy (said she wants to get pregnant by him) and now even some models fuck them Fucks. I found out...
  7. Anakin66

    I was pressed for sexual harrasment in middle school

    This thread is an elaboration on one of my posts on my previous thread. So in the 8th grade girls are seen growing breasts in mass now and it catches all the males attention. Especially the one pictured below. She grew an incredible rack over the course of one summer. 8th grade me had been...
  8. Lordgoro

    Classic 80s song, where STACY is describing Chad, before we knew what Chads even were..

    Still a fun 80s song, but can be depressing for us incels...
  9. F

    I have access to a Stacy's Facebook login name and password, how can I make the most out of it, unnoticed?

    There is a typical Stacy in my class (hot chick, firm ass, bit dumb), also I got a slight crush on her. She is nice to me because I do stuff for her, altough in my defense, these things require basically no effort from me. Well, today I realized she left her Facebook login info saved in the...
  10. B

    Stacy on Reddit wants to destroy a man's life for calling her a c*nt

    What is it with Stacy's/roasties wanting to ruin the lives of people that hurt their feelings? Hope she gets laughed out of the police station
  11. Hidden

    Stacy gets murdered by Chad boyfriend.

    ( P E R S O N A L I T Y ) As its seems women's personality detector malfunctions again. I'm sure its because of personality right ? that why we are here. Its absolutely has nothing to do with your looks silly little inkel, it just so happens that my boyfriend is little bit violent to the point...
  12. J

    I’m a so called “chad”

    I guess I’m what you’d call a chad according to you guys. I party a lot. Have a pretty high body count. But now I’ve had a gf for awhile so my chad days are over. I just came here to learn about y’all and maybe give advice if you’re open to it. God bless. I’m red pilled btw