1. Lordgoro

    Classic 80s song, where STACY is describing Chad, before we knew what Chads even were..

    Still a fun 80s song, but can be depressing for us incels...
  2. Spice

    A song about getting friendzoned

    Yes this is my fav classic because its literally about a guy wanting to date a girl then ends up being ''just a friend'', powerful blackpill right there especially this song was released in 1990 but i have no idea if inceldom existed around that time but that songs seems to predict something.
  3. Letmego

    I hate this song with my soul and i cringe whenever i hear it

    I was buying some noodles and this song came on in the shop, i don't even know if anyone understood the lyrics but they make me rage and go wtf.
  4. S

    Good sad incel songs?

    I feel so fucking pathetic I just wanna die right now. I just saw a stacy with an ugly dude right now and it made me realize how fucked I am so i wanna know if anyone has any sad go to songs they listen to when they feel shitty and worthless and unwanted. My favorite song is called "Dust" by...